Haunted Land

The Pullen Station Apartments on Ashe Avenue may seem perfectly ordinary. But they sit on a tract of land that was once part of a downtown plantation, and later known as part of the Duke’s House. In the roaring 20’s, Duke’s House was known for throwing lavish parties. One evening, his dear friends left his party having had a bit too much to drink. The tipsy trio included two women and a man. Tragically, their fancy car ran over the nearby bridge to the railroad tracks below.

For decades after, people attended the Duke’s parties claimed to see the ghostly figures of the women, waving goodbye after 2am as people drove past the front porch on their way home. Likewise; a strange light began haunting the railroad tracks below—rumored to be the man; searching for his body.

The Duke’s manor was eventually torn down, the the Pullen Loft Apartments were built atop the land. Even today, students and people returning home from Friday night parties claim to see two women waving as their car goes by— and a strange light below the Ashe Avenue bridge.

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